Saturday, November 17, 2012

Worldwide Happiness Returns

I've had a breakthrough, and it looks like I will be able to finish Worldwide Happiness easily after all. Of course, finding a publisher might be hard, but you never know.


  1. Happy to know you are here to help up-lift the world, sorry your book is taking time to complete. In the following link you may find direction as how exactly it all
    Harmony of Peace,

  2. Hi Ferial,

    Wow, I haven't seen that guy before. He is astonishingly eloquent!

    Nevertheless, I disagree with him. I mean the idea that tortured children need what they get cos that's where they are at vibrationally or whatever is just crazy, IMO. It's just new age rationalisation.

    But I like some of the things he says.

    The text of my book will be ready within 4 weeks. Then I'll publish it as an ebook for Kindle, etc. I'll be glad when it's finished!

  3. Thanks for teh update. So what was the big breakthrough? A lottery win? please tell



  4. Hi Peter,

    I had 110,000 words, and I was trying to fit it all in, and I couldn't make it work. Then I hit on the (obvious!) idea of deleting whatever didn't fit (even if it was good). My goal changed from perfection to workability. Now I'm down to 70,000 words, and that is more manageable. The good stuff I deleted can be recycled either on the net or a second book.

    Thanks for your interest.

  5. Hi Martin

    You said on 27th December that your book would be ready in 4 weeks.

    More than 4 weeks has passed.

    Any updtes


  6. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for keeping count! It really helps.

    The book has 70 topics. Six of those topics have problems that are surprisingly hard to sort out. My approach recently has been to delete anything that is not working, but these are important topics.

    Nevertheless, you're making me rethink it. I have question and answer sections at the end of each topic, so I could delete the problem areas and just insert a quick question and answer about them in related topics. The book would be just as groundbreaking without them.

    If I did that, then the text would be finished in a few days. Then I just need to draw a few diagrams, which would take another week.

    BTW, if you like, I can put your name in the acknowledgements.


  7. Hi Martin

    I'm not sure exactly how I assisted you, but if you think that I did, then I am honoured. Thank you for offering to acknowledge me, however there is no need for that.
    Best wishes