Friday, October 5, 2012

Worldwide Happiness Cancelled

I am cancelling Worldwide Happiness because I have 13 years of evidence that the vast majority of people disagree with me, and I lack the drive and the financial, social, and political capital to overturn this momentum. All kinds of people disagree. Scholars disagree on realist grounds. Spiritual people disagree because they cherish their own version of idealism. They are all wrong, and I am right, but truth isn’t enough.

Of course, I could publish at one of those online book places, but the book still needs a solid edit and to have its presentation polished. I lack the motivation and resources for that. I could publish it on this website, but it has too few visitors to make a difference.

My motivation won’t return unless the resources appear, and those resources need to be huge - big enough to force the book into the consciousness of a large or powerful audience. That is extremely unlikely, but I’ll keep buying lottery tickets. Note that I am not saying that worldwide happiness is impossible or even difficult. In fact, I think it is easy. But there needs to be someone with either the charisma or the power to get the message across.

Thanks to those who have read, listened, argued, and commented.



  1. This is very sad news Martin. I have been following your thoughts for a very long time and it must be shattering to give up. Perhaps you need to be satisfied that you live a happy life and leave the rest of us to fend for ourselves.
    Best wishes

  2. Hi Peter,

    Actually, there's been an update. I figured out a way to finish the book. It'll be finished in a few weeks. Of course, it will take a while to publish. I'll probably publish it as an ebook for Kindle etc.