Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happiness is the Starting Place is finished

I finished my book. It is now called Happiness is the Starting Place. Previous titles were: Befriending Life, Befriending Reality, Worldwide Happiness, and Happiness and Utopia.

It took around 14 years on and off. I would never have started it if I had have known it would take so long! I'm so glad it's over. Now I can do things I enjoy.

Does anyone know a publisher?

Thanks for your interest.


  1. Congratulations!! It has been quite a journey for you. Is there a certain irony that the process of writing a book about hapinness did not make you happy. Now it is finished, you are free to do the things you enjoy.

    No, I have no contacts in the publishing world, however, I would be interested to read it.

    Is it available electronically

    Thanks and congratulations once again


  2. Hi Martin. :)

    I'm planning to part-serialise on the blog, then use stuff like this:

    Amazon Self-Publishing

    I'm told by people who make their living writing that this is definitely a good way to go for folks like us. Just something to consider!

  3. Hi Peter,


    In the book, I say that we need a happy world to be happy ourselves. Since the world isn't happy, I am not happy. Does that make sense? You can be kind of happy if you keep things superficial. But if you are tuned into the whole thing and see the corruption and misery in the world, and the underlying fear in most people, then it's hard to be happy. We need to change the world.

    I can send you a copy if you tell me more about yourself and give me your email address. I will self-publish at some stage. It's tempting to put it out on the web for free, but Amazon would promote it better. Email

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks. Yes, I will do that at some stage. Good tip.