Friday, June 17, 2011

My ASX stock picks

Although I am the best philosopher in the world, I am only a beginner stock clairvoyant. That said, I think these 5 are winners:

***OBJ: developing billion dollar products with GSK and others, yet market capitalisation is only $25m!

BOD: developing heart valve replacement tissue and artery repair materials and seem very professional, yet market cap is only $9m!

IRC: looking for joint venture partner for huge well-located vanadium mine, yet market cap is only $17m.

PBT: has an huntingtons/alzhiemers/parkinsons drug in phase IIb FDA trials, yet market cap is only $50m.

URA: developing a potential $50m per year manganese resource in Zambia, and it's easily mineable, and market cap is only $6m.

If you only back one, make it OBJ, imo.


  1. This list is out of date now for many reasons. My new pics are:


    Martin Gifford.

  2. Okay, my tips have been crap, but FWIW, my current pick is:

    UNS (ASX) or UNIS (Nasdaq).

    Check it out. Bold claims of a big near-term deal and "hyper-growth" from now on. It's on the ASX and the Nasdaq. Current market cap is around $325m. This could be one to hold for a long time.

    They reckon they have multiple deals due this year, and one big one any time now. They are talking big numbers, with multiple products and multiple customers. Here's a 2012 presentation and the latest shareholder conference call transcript:


    Conference call transcript: