Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Best political blog comment ever

Over at Balloon Juice, I read the best political blog comment ever (no. 96). It's by Comrade Luke, and it's about Obama's tax cuts for the rich:

2000: Bush tax cuts go into effect, with a sunset provision set for 2010.

The Left: Nice trick. They’re just going to make them permanent in 2010.

Seven(ish) years pass…

2007(ish): Barack Obama campaigns on ending the Bush tax cuts, among other things like ending DADT, health care reform, etc.

The Left: Awesome!

2008: Barack Obama elected President.

A year and a half passes.

2010: Approaching the midterms, some Democrats lobby to move the tax cut vote out past the midterms because they’re afraid of running on raising tax cuts on the rich.

The Left: What?! That makes no sense! The public is behind ending the tax cuts. Plus, it’s looking pretty bleak that you’ll retain a majority in both houses, which will make it even harder to get that this issue resolved in a lame duck session.

Barack Obama: crickets…

December 2010: Barack Obama attempts to raise tax cuts on the rich.

Republicans: No. We want tax cuts for everyone.

Barack Obama: OK

The Left: WHAT?!

Republicans: And we’re not extending unemployment benefits either.

Barack Obama: OK. How about if we…

The Left: Woa, woa, woa. Extending unemployment benefits have nothing to do with…

Barack Obama: about if we extend unemployment benefits thirteen months, add a payroll tax holiday, raise the estate tax cap and talk about this all again in two years.

Republicans: Pfftthahaha. OK!

The Left: WHAT. THE. FUCK. We elected you in part because you were going to eliminate the tax cuts on the rich, and you’ve postponed that until next election? You’ll be running on the same thing you ran on four years ago and reneged on, against a Republican party that will be countering that if you get elected you’ll raise taxes on everyone.

Obama: Stop complaining you sanctimonious purists

The Left: YEA Wait, WHAT?! You’re talking to us?

Balloon Juice: The Professional Left thinks it’s infallible, and it’s cost them Climate Change, DADT, DOMA immigration reform and everything else because they wanted the public option.

Balloon Juice Commentariat: Yeahaw!

Yea, I can see how this is the fault of the Professional Left.

And btw, it doesn’t matter if Obama is the one that proposed the payroll tax and estate tax, or the Republicans did and he accepted the proposal. He’s wrong just the same.

He’s the perfect president for the Republican party. They get to demonize him 24/7, at the end of the day they get what they want anyway, and then Obama blames…the left.

Pure gold!

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