Thursday, November 25, 2010

American Political System Broken

There is a debate going on over at The Economist about whether the American political system is broken.

I think America has gone off the cliff. The evidence:

  • Torture.

  • People dying from lack of health insurance.

  • Insane military expenditure.

  • Disgraceful public discourse.

  • Shocking level of unemployment.

  • Systemic political corruption.

  • Wanton ignorance (i.e. poor education).

  • Two wars.

  • Bombing raids with high "collateral damage".

  • Cruel prisons.

  • The death penalty.

  • Abuse of secrecy.

  • Spying on Americans in America.

  • Cover-up of previous administration high crimes.

  • High murder rates.

  • Huge social injustice.

  • World’s biggest polluter.

  • Privatised military.

Therefore, the American political system is broken, probably beyond repair for the foreseeable future. But political junkies and journalists must continue to believe in the system to some extent. Or they have cobwebs in their eyes.


  1. Martin, how many of these points can be applied to Australia? How much better off (if at all) are we?
    Are there any positives of the American System?

    Just asking for your thoughts


  2. I would say none of those points apply to Australia. Certainly not to the same degree. But Australia stays quiet about the issues and so is guilty in that respect.

    Of course, there are some positives in the American system. Mainly, America has excellent creative dynamism and business dynamism. But America is operating way below its potential because of the points mentioned in the article.

    What do you think?

  3. On second thought:

    Australia's public discourse is pretty bad, but nowhere near as bad as America's.

    Also, Australia participated in the wars, but only minimally and only to please America.

    On other topics:

    Australia should declare itself a republic (way overdue), and break its attachment to America.