Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beware: security departments and companies gradually merge into a mindless machine

Disturbingly, Obama is following Bush in increasing America’s security apparatus. In the process he is gradually wearing down privacy laws and merging the public and private sector.

As government security departments and private security companies grow and merge, that merged entity gradually becomes a machine with its own logic. This is especially problematic when it's all secret and outside of Congressional or Judicial review.

If you accidentally fall into one of that machine's "bad guy" categories, then the machine automatically sees itself as correct and disappears you to Guantanamo or wherever.

Even money won't protect you. Fame is about the only way you can be safe. That's because the world notices when famous people go missing. At least Paris Hilton will be safe.

IMO, the important thing to ask is why have such a vast security machine? It is obviously the case that either the government is overestimating the threat (even a nuke attack is unimportant in the big scheme of things) or it's a deliberate power/money grab. In other words, it is either stupid or corrupt.

And wouldn't it be better for the government to work on making America more ethical and an attractive role model than to bomb nations, torture people, and spy on its own citizens?

Happiness is more important than "security" and money.

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