Saturday, June 26, 2010

Guru Andrew Cohen is at it again

I see Andrew Cohen is pumping out the marketing again. In his latest blog entry, he’s gushing about the multifaceted manifestations of love then finishes with:

“It is only highly evolved human beings who are capable of knowing what love is in all its multifaceted manifestations. And in the end, it is up to each and every one of us to heroically aspire to become a powerful expression of our own highest recognition of what love truly is.”

So, presumably, he’s highly evolved and heroic. And notice that after pressing people’s idealistic buttons, he throws out the ego bait of heroism - you can be highly evolved and heroic too! Trouble is, if you bite, then the slaps, cold lake dunkings, and humiliations begin.

He does this every time, and it’s getting really old. Why can’t he just say what he thinks and leave it at that? Instead, he always implies that he’s great and heroic, and tempts you to join his cause after he has glorified the key selling points. Once he has trapped you by your own idealism and egoic attachment to heroism, he’s got you in a catch 22.

Leaving him gets interpreted as denying your ideals, and you expose yourself to being labeled as a coward rather than a hero. Indeed, that’s his key self-defense method. Andrew and his supporters say his detractors are denying their own ideals and are cowards.


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