Thursday, February 4, 2016

THe False Paradox of Enlightenment

Many people and paths say that enlightenment is paradoxical. However, it only seems paradoxical because we are trying to grab a goal that is itself the absence of grabbing. Furthermore, grabbing is redundant because there is no enlightenment, and therefore nothing to grab. A better goal than enlightenment is liberation from illusion. The main illusion is the idea that reliable happiness is found rather than being innate to being.

Liberation is the natural state. Illusion, on the other hand,  is artificial and imposed by society. Therefore, liberation is realised by subtraction of the false, which simply requires that we understand the false.

Understanding means seeing that it is futile to seek reliable happiness in things that end. Seeing the repetitive leak of energy and attention into futile habits weakens them. As the patterns of leaking are noticed sooner and sooner, a point comes when the tangle of illusions quickly unravels.

However, you quickly realise that illusion in society also needs to end. A good place to start is to work at ending illusion in spiritual circles since those people are hopefully able to hear the message.

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