Saturday, April 18, 2015

My philosophy in one paragraph

Here is my philosophy in one paragraph. It helps if you read slowly, i.e. stop after each sentence and contemplate the implications:

You were born into a world of delusion. Everyone around you is deluded into thinking that happiness is essentially in objects or states. In reality, happiness is our nature, given decent circumstances. However, even if we realise this, we still need to end delusion in the world because our happiness requires a decent circumstances, not deluded circumstances where people delude and harm each other unnecessarily. People generally reject the idea of fixing the world because they believe either it is against the principles of nature, or it is too hard. Those beliefs are merely tenets derived from the deluded world. They are the deluded world expressing itself through your mind. In reality, submitting to those beliefs is what stops the world being liberated from delusion. Most people want a better world. If they just stay in touch with that desire, rather than saying "But it's unnatural," or "But it's too hard," positive change will happen.

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