Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Bright Age

This is from the first paragraph of About page of The Bright Age website:

"The Bright Age is humanity’s next stage of consciousness evolution. It is based in the premise that we are emotive in essence, and that becoming who we are as individuals and as a species can only come from healing at this essential level. The Bright Age is a world where morality is measured at the level of unconscious motivation, not intention or behavior. It holds an entirely new view of what health and unhealth is in all domains of human expression. The Bright Age, takes an orientation to our lives and worlds that has never before existed: “i feel, therefore i am”."

I reckon this is wrong on every level:

  1. Where is the evidence that consciousness evolves? I suspect that consciousness learns, but it doesn't seem to evolve.
  2. We are not emotive in essence. We are consciousness in essence. Focusing on emotions is just a way to manipulate people.
  3. We don't need healing. We just need knowledge about how best to progress.
  4. Morality is a mere survival-level coping strategy. It has no value beyond mere basics.
  5. Health is a wrong lens for looking at us and our actions. Our problem is always just lack of knowledge.
  6. Instead of "I feel, therefore I am," it should be, "I perceive, therefore I am."

I find it shocking that such people have pretenses of wanting to teach, help, or lead others. 

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