Friday, January 27, 2012

America Doesn't Deserve Obama?

John Cole from Balloon Juice reacts to Obama's SOTU speech:

"...every time I hear him speak, I am still aware of all the things I disagree with him on, but think "That is a good man doing what he thinks is best." ...We really don't deserve him. We really don't."
That is some serious intellectual and/or moral corruption.


  1. Yeah, drone bombing in Pakistan and Yemen, killing American citizens, letting the bankers go free, letting Bush and co go free, secret prisons continuing, propping up American illusions, huge war on whistleblowers, etc. Such a blatant reversal of his election campaign persona/promises.

  2. And what was the war against Iraq about again?

  3. I don't know what the war against Iraq was about. The official reason was WMDs, but I and many others didn't believe that was valid, and it turned out there were no WMDs.

    There are many possible reasons: show of strength, Bush wanting to make up for his dad letting Saddam go free, oil (indirectly), pressure from the neocons, to serve the war industry, re-election after his dodgy win in 2000, etc.

    Ultimately, I think it comes down to two key factors:

    1) Oil - If there were no oil in the region, then the US would not care about the Middle East.

    2) Bush was president - He wanted to look tough and responsive after his 9/11 blunders, but a smart moral president would not have invaded Iraq - at least not that way, not at that time, and not for those reasons.